Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nice end to a Nice Summer

Hey there folks I'm back.

Not sure who has been paying attention or reading but JENESIS has been doing its thing. If you live in a box we have been putting up some work. We finally dropped the Women's Issue on the site. If I may say so myself it's a great issue with some inspirational women.

Second we dropped the small issue on the 15 Mins of Fame winner, Melanie Wilmot. She was owed it and knocked it out the park. Jordan does his best work continually all the time. JENESIS is blessed to have such a good photographer.

Speaking of JORDAN, He will be doing his much looked for September photography issue again and it should be up by Sept 1st or 4th, however we get the greatness together.

Fab 5 Ent is having their 4th and Final Pittsburgh Anniversary event over the Labor Day weekend. It should be a good one. I've known those gentlemen for about 4 years and they continually made great events for these young college adults to attend and enjoy there selves. Personally meeting Barry at school, I'm glad they have been successful.

D. Warren is going to soon be dropping his women's clothing line Mary Lou. The time is to be determined but when it will know. We are doing our best to help him out in anyway he needs it.

Ideal PR is making me work day and night haha. They have been a vital help to us.

But to be more frank, we need more readership. But our young guy Quentin is going to revitalize our street team and have the campuses aware of JENESIS again. Keep it locked with the best and we will keep giving you the best.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Articles and Upcomings!

What's up!

The past event , 15 Mins of Fame, was a success. A few of the leading models made the event which made it a little more special. Thanks to Nakturnal, Fab 5, Denawti, Ulterior Motive, Fahrenheit 212, Sean Brown, Camille Davidson, and of course Scion for giving us loot haha!

Also if you haven't had a chance to check it out months and months ago we had our first article with Pittsburgh Post Gazette at

Our Second article comes from The Original, a Pitt magazine, but I don't have the link for it. Yet that is.

Our third article comes from New Pittsburgh Courier written by Omar Abdul at

And lastly we have a JENESIS Magazine profile up on Vector Vault, which is a free vector design site for designers (Illustrator users especially) and it is up at

Upcoming we have the Women's Issue coming up finally after fighting with everyone and their Moms to get this issue done. September will be another JORDAN BECKHAM photography issue. Will be sure to excite. We have a few events coming up such as our "The Art of Networking" event at the Shadow Lounge/AVA Lounge Friday August 22nd 5-8 pm. Free Food!

Also look out for the Gene Stovall/ JENESIS collabo on one of his events called...... cant let that out yet but just watch out for September 6th.

As always

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stop, Chill, Relax

Back with a quick update for all you.

The voting for the 15 Minutes of Fame model contest is up and running right now. There has been a nice response since going up only 5 days ago. In two weeks we will be having the official event at Privilege August 2nd partying it up. It will also be a going away party for Brandon Westbrook. So if your trying to be a certified stand on the coucher for the night, come through and celebrate.

Also the new July Issue is up. The issue features upcoming producer Nicolay from North Carolina by way of The Netherlands. He has been very busy with his last production of Time:Line with beautiful singer Kay. He has been getting nice reviews of the album. Nicolay has worked with the like of Little Brother, Supastition, Masta Ace, Strange Fruit Project and Zion I. If we are lucky he may make another appearance to the Shadow Lounge in the near future.

Just added to my links list is Mark Dockery aka Holaday Doc now has a new blog that you should check out at Also another friend of mines Smurf Smith has a blog that gives you a mighty good if I say so glance back at all the things that made Hip Hop great at

Only things left to say is watch for the new promo issues to hit the street, watch for our Happy Hour at the Shadow Lounge, if you need new music to check out I suggest you listen to the new Coldplay and the new Kid Cudi mixtape, and look at this funny photo of Phonte of Little Brother as he did a 6 or 7 song cover of his favorite songs in the 80's.

Take On Me hahaha


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's the up and coming!

Hello everybody

It's getting hotter and hotter as the day's go by.

This Friday is the ending of the first round for the "15 Mins of Fame" model contest for the August Women's Issue. There has been a good response so we are hoping it continues throughout the month going into August and the official party for the winner will be at Privilege Ultralounge August 2nd 10 pm - 2 am.

Congrats to one of our journalist Brandon Westbrook for grabbing his job at the Miami Heat. He will be doing marketing work for them starting in August. Hopefully he is still here to party and get sent away correctly.

Also be on the look out for my interview in the Pittsburgh New Courier done by Omar Abdul. Thanks to him for helping us get our name out there a little better as we have been working to get into other news publications around the city.

New Issue coming this Tuesday. Be on the look.

Until next time

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Frustration

I'm back again this month

We aren't doing the 14.5 Issue for June for two reasons;

1. July just seemed to catch up to us so fast. I think it's because we kind of slacked on the deadline of the June issue since we had to make sure everything was cool with it.
2. The people in the 14.5 Issue seemed to slack on the information we asked them to send back preventing a 14.5 Issue.

oh yeah Jordan Beckham went on vacation also.

Guess we need to work on our consistencies within the magazine. At least we will be having a model contest coming together, may be having a monthly happy hour at AVA Lounge, and soon to really be able to launch some things with the street team. Oh and some more promotional prints will be coming soon.

Just gotta keep working and praying.

Til next time

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New JUNE Artist Issue!

Were back this month with a special issue. We have 15 plus artist included in this issue featuring: GirlTalk (our cover story), Gene Stovall, NOVA, Mambo Sauce, and more. Later this month we will be having a 14.5 Issue featuring Dwele, Lady Homi, George Tisdale, and others. Also special on the site is the the video interview with Greg of Girl Talk (video below)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming Issue

The June Artist taking forever lol. But it's all good as you know we gonna come with the heat. We have our first good video interview with an artist rather laptop dj named Girl Talk. I didn't know who he was until Jeff and Kate (our new journalist and video journalist) brought the name up. Dude has some good work and his shows are crazy. You will see in the video he keeps clubs rowdy.

Oh yeah the site has/maybe back up but was down due to a fire in our outside server company. They said a electric circuit started a fire that ended up knocking down walls. Crazy. They said the servers weren't hurt though thank God. We would have had to go to a all new server I think and re-put up everything! Maybe I'm just exaggerating ha.

Talk to you peoples later. Watch out for the "Get Down or Lay Down 08'" Summer Campaign.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Read A JENESIS Magazine Issue Tutorial...

We here at JENESIS have created an easy video tutorial on how to read our online publication for those of you who are very lazy and don't follow directions.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Call Me Stupid

It's been a while.

Since the last blog, We were planning for the One Year Anniversary party.

First off, the party was exciting. Even though we didn't get the bigger sponsor like we wanted to, Absolute Vodka sponsored our first hour of the party with a free drink for attendees. We personally got a free bottle and let's just say we gracefully dealt with that bottle quickly. Everyone came through dressed correctly in their best black white/red attire. DJ E-V from Cleveland played excellent music and didn't play the same song twice and none of that retarded three words per bar rap such as Rocko (I really hate dude).

I think a lot of people got scared away from our April fools joke as we said we were quitting. Believe me we will never do that stuff again lol. People were killing Brian's make believe cell phone like we really quit. And when we put the real issue up I think people thought we were lying lol. Either or we will be coming strong for the summer. We got an all artist issue coming June and and international issue coming July. And we will finish up the summer with an All Women's Issue.

Pittsburgh has been surprisingly fun though as of late. Pharrell came, Lupe came, our party was dope, Fab 5 had Sneaker Me Stupid @ The Southside Fountain Room, The Roots came and performed for free at Carnegie Mellon U., and Devin Thomas danced with his first female at our party. God is good.

Got a campaign coming up though and you shall be first to view it. Check below and if your cool you can ask for this and I'll send it to you to post to your friends and stuff. Other than that tomorrow/today is voting day. Brian has been mad active in telling who he wants to vote for. I'ma go for Obama. But instead of telling you the real reasons, I'm just gonna say cause he is black, he played basketball, his wife is alright looking, and he's not Hilary. (ok I hope you didn't believe that)

Peace out


Friday, March 14, 2008

Very Tired

The last couple of weeks + the drop of the issue = hell. I thought the only problem we would have this month was short weeks. That was barely a problem with me. The real problems were handling of designs, photos, and me really wanting to cut someone.

I'm so glad the 1 year anniversary is coming up though. Another excuse for us to get crazy for a night and not care about no one but Three Olives Mango and Orange Juice. That's another reason for stress for the rest of the month though. Have get all these sponsors together, invitations done (Brian is making a hell of a design), get special invitation cards done, get DJ EV here to the Burgh which well has been taken care of. I just hope it get nuts.

Pharrell and NERD
is coming next week and Lupe Fiasco the week after in which they both should end up being in JENESIS for the month of April since Mr. Beckham is back from Italy newly married and will be photographing at both. I wish I was a little more famous so I could just call these people and be like "yo what's good we gonna get an interview and photos before the show."


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10,000 Hits on JENESIS For the month

This month we have finally gotten over the single thousandths hump for the month and into the ten thousandths mark! This may not mean anything to anyone else but me an a couple other people but it is really remarkable. I am happy but that doesn't mean I'm content with the mark we have made. I want more of course and will get more. But this is a good feeling. I could remember when our first issue came out and just getting 100-300 hits was crazy because we barely promoted except to the people we knew and on Facebook and Myspace. Now without even having to remind people, we have viewers checking out the new info and new issue daily. That's just more motivation to make bigger moves and do bigger things for the magazine and our readers. Thanks you all for sticking around.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yeah quick blog I know but it's more of a what's coming up.

If you haven't heard, been attacked by us on Myspace, Facebook , or email, JENESIS was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the past Sunday. It was an article about urban magazines and Brian completed it with Sharon Eberson. Its called "Urban Magazines give voice to African American culture" and the link is here

Also coming up is the "Ed Hardy: Love Kills Slowly" Event being held February 16th at the Southside Fountain Room 9-2. It will be hosted by Darrelle Revis of the NY Jets and some of his teammates. Expect a big crowd. There will be Ed Hardy clothing giveaways from Southern Royalty and Najeh Davenport. Expected guest will be Wiz Khalifa, S. Money, Boaz, Monty 'Meza' Clay, Model Joanna Shari and many more! Fab 5 is working to put together another dope party for the masses so come out and enjoy yourself.

And of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut but JENESIS may be planning another party for um let's say JENESIS' 1 Year Anniversary. Details to come soon if we gonna get things together or not.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aint No Love in this city.....

I told Mario that I didn't want to talk about the Hip Hop Awards in the magazine for the single reason that people would say "this nigga is just hating cause he aint win". But i'm gonna shine light on a small situation that happened to me before the awards.

Thursday, I called Deavon Hammonds, one of my great journalist, and asked him to put Brandon on the list for JENESIS (which is stupid cause he is part of JENESIS). He then went to tell Duane Mohamed ,or however you spell the niggas name, that he needed to be on the list. Duane goes to say "isn't one of them already nominated for writer of the year?" and Deavon says "yeah but Thomas does mostly interviews he's not a article writer". Duane continues saying "Why is he up for the nomination?" Deavon tells him "the people voted for him thats why" Duane says "Do I have to take him off then". Let's stop the record right there. I'm not even gonna talk about it but I'm gonna let you think what would Thomas say if you know me. *Oh yeah for the groups that attented the event that were nominated, they only received ONE comp ticket and if you had five people in your group, 4 of yall was paying. That was clearly a nigga moment*

To keep it moving I'm going to preview some of my new A-Side ideas that I think will be funny.

The first is about "Businesses not promoting there selves correctly and crying about not getting business." This will be funny because if you live in Pittsburgh you see businesses closing months after they open and most likely they say "we got no support, the people don't know what their missing."

Second, "Why are clubs and promoters copying each other and hurting the night life?" This is funny because Pittsburgh has sprouted more promoters than there are open venues in the city. If another 'bad' promoter comes by me again and screams "We Da Best" and I pass by their event and it's only the 6 dudes in their group, the only 6 friends they have, 3 fake models, and two door men they prolly gonna pay out of their own bank account again I'm gonna explode.

Lastly and probably the funniest, "Why do women cock block?" Does not need explaining. I think in my short stint of club time, I have been blocked better than the opponents going up against the 07-08' New England Patriots. So many women have went to the Pro Bowl off of me in the past five years it's ridiculous. I am positive that every man alive has at least one story they can tell of the one time they were in the club or anywhere that when they went to speak to a lady, either a lonely fat fire breathing or short tree branch wielding bitch known as the protective friend came out of nowhere and successfully sent you home mad. See one just one incarnation of these so called "friends" below:

I'm done for this thought. And if you haven't heard, Soulja Boy said he is the hottest rapper out right now. Let that sink into your brain.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year New Whatever

What's up? Happy New Year....yeah whatever. Well to pick up from turning tricks and saving Brian and Brandon's life in the car fire, there is a lot of work to start doing.

With our edition to Mr. Dones to the JENESIS Team, we are filling out good again in the squad. But, we are losing one to London. Mr. J.D Thrasher aka Jamar Thrasher is going to study abroad and he will be greatly missed. But he will keep up and have a new column like a journal for the mag with all the shit he is getting into.

As of late not to much has been going on. JENESIS Magazine was nominated along with some other good sites as Website of the Year for the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards. I was also voted Journalist/Writer of the Year. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I've been writing to get that nomination haha j/k. I give it all to my staff for holding it down this long and giving JENESIS readers that good brain food. UPS is also up for Best Duo/Group. You can vote at

I hope no one made new years resolutions cause you won't live up to them by Feb 1st, and I hope people stop saying "everything happens for a reason" as an excuse for something they lazy ass didn't do correct in the first place.
Come holla at us. The door is open and everything is free. You do sign your life over once you visit though.