Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aint No Love in this city.....

I told Mario that I didn't want to talk about the Hip Hop Awards in the magazine for the single reason that people would say "this nigga is just hating cause he aint win". But i'm gonna shine light on a small situation that happened to me before the awards.

Thursday, I called Deavon Hammonds, one of my great journalist, and asked him to put Brandon on the list for JENESIS (which is stupid cause he is part of JENESIS). He then went to tell Duane Mohamed ,or however you spell the niggas name, that he needed to be on the list. Duane goes to say "isn't one of them already nominated for writer of the year?" and Deavon says "yeah but Thomas does mostly interviews he's not a article writer". Duane continues saying "Why is he up for the nomination?" Deavon tells him "the people voted for him thats why" Duane says "Do I have to take him off then". Let's stop the record right there. I'm not even gonna talk about it but I'm gonna let you think what would Thomas say if you know me. *Oh yeah for the groups that attented the event that were nominated, they only received ONE comp ticket and if you had five people in your group, 4 of yall was paying. That was clearly a nigga moment*

To keep it moving I'm going to preview some of my new A-Side ideas that I think will be funny.

The first is about "Businesses not promoting there selves correctly and crying about not getting business." This will be funny because if you live in Pittsburgh you see businesses closing months after they open and most likely they say "we got no support, the people don't know what their missing."

Second, "Why are clubs and promoters copying each other and hurting the night life?" This is funny because Pittsburgh has sprouted more promoters than there are open venues in the city. If another 'bad' promoter comes by me again and screams "We Da Best" and I pass by their event and it's only the 6 dudes in their group, the only 6 friends they have, 3 fake models, and two door men they prolly gonna pay out of their own bank account again I'm gonna explode.

Lastly and probably the funniest, "Why do women cock block?" Does not need explaining. I think in my short stint of club time, I have been blocked better than the opponents going up against the 07-08' New England Patriots. So many women have went to the Pro Bowl off of me in the past five years it's ridiculous. I am positive that every man alive has at least one story they can tell of the one time they were in the club or anywhere that when they went to speak to a lady, either a lonely fat fire breathing or short tree branch wielding bitch known as the protective friend came out of nowhere and successfully sent you home mad. See one just one incarnation of these so called "friends" below:

I'm done for this thought. And if you haven't heard, Soulja Boy said he is the hottest rapper out right now. Let that sink into your brain.

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EEzy said...

i feel you on the awards. it is what it is man. i would hope none of us would do the same if we were in that situation but you just never know. i understand not letting like 12 people in for free, but i mean if you're under like 4 or 5 i dont see an issue. i mean shit. if it was about paying the hilton off i can understand a REDUCED price, maybe 5 bucks or something, but a whole 30 piece at the door?

im glad i got in free 2 years in a row, but its sort of wack not being able to take something home. all i can say is we gotta go super hard in 08 and by this point next year if people got their shit straight they can really fuck with us and theres no drama...but dramas always around

i think WE are truly THE BEST.