Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year New Whatever

What's up? Happy New Year....yeah whatever. Well to pick up from turning tricks and saving Brian and Brandon's life in the car fire, there is a lot of work to start doing.

With our edition to Mr. Dones to the JENESIS Team, we are filling out good again in the squad. But, we are losing one to London. Mr. J.D Thrasher aka Jamar Thrasher is going to study abroad and he will be greatly missed. But he will keep up and have a new column like a journal for the mag with all the shit he is getting into.

As of late not to much has been going on. JENESIS Magazine was nominated along with some other good sites as Website of the Year for the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards. I was also voted Journalist/Writer of the Year. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I've been writing to get that nomination haha j/k. I give it all to my staff for holding it down this long and giving JENESIS readers that good brain food. UPS is also up for Best Duo/Group. You can vote at

I hope no one made new years resolutions cause you won't live up to them by Feb 1st, and I hope people stop saying "everything happens for a reason" as an excuse for something they lazy ass didn't do correct in the first place.
Come holla at us. The door is open and everything is free. You do sign your life over once you visit though.

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