Friday, March 14, 2008

Very Tired

The last couple of weeks + the drop of the issue = hell. I thought the only problem we would have this month was short weeks. That was barely a problem with me. The real problems were handling of designs, photos, and me really wanting to cut someone.

I'm so glad the 1 year anniversary is coming up though. Another excuse for us to get crazy for a night and not care about no one but Three Olives Mango and Orange Juice. That's another reason for stress for the rest of the month though. Have get all these sponsors together, invitations done (Brian is making a hell of a design), get special invitation cards done, get DJ EV here to the Burgh which well has been taken care of. I just hope it get nuts.

Pharrell and NERD
is coming next week and Lupe Fiasco the week after in which they both should end up being in JENESIS for the month of April since Mr. Beckham is back from Italy newly married and will be photographing at both. I wish I was a little more famous so I could just call these people and be like "yo what's good we gonna get an interview and photos before the show."