Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Frustration

I'm back again this month

We aren't doing the 14.5 Issue for June for two reasons;

1. July just seemed to catch up to us so fast. I think it's because we kind of slacked on the deadline of the June issue since we had to make sure everything was cool with it.
2. The people in the 14.5 Issue seemed to slack on the information we asked them to send back preventing a 14.5 Issue.

oh yeah Jordan Beckham went on vacation also.

Guess we need to work on our consistencies within the magazine. At least we will be having a model contest coming together, may be having a monthly happy hour at AVA Lounge, and soon to really be able to launch some things with the street team. Oh and some more promotional prints will be coming soon.

Just gotta keep working and praying.

Til next time

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New JUNE Artist Issue!

Were back this month with a special issue. We have 15 plus artist included in this issue featuring: GirlTalk (our cover story), Gene Stovall, NOVA, Mambo Sauce, and more. Later this month we will be having a 14.5 Issue featuring Dwele, Lady Homi, George Tisdale, and others. Also special on the site is the the video interview with Greg of Girl Talk (video below)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming Issue

The June Artist taking forever lol. But it's all good as you know we gonna come with the heat. We have our first good video interview with an artist rather laptop dj named Girl Talk. I didn't know who he was until Jeff and Kate (our new journalist and video journalist) brought the name up. Dude has some good work and his shows are crazy. You will see in the video he keeps clubs rowdy.

Oh yeah the site has/maybe back up but was down due to a fire in our outside server company. They said a electric circuit started a fire that ended up knocking down walls. Crazy. They said the servers weren't hurt though thank God. We would have had to go to a all new server I think and re-put up everything! Maybe I'm just exaggerating ha.

Talk to you peoples later. Watch out for the "Get Down or Lay Down 08'" Summer Campaign.