Monday, December 3, 2007

JENESIS Happenings as of late!

This is Thomas from JENESIS Magazine. This is my first time on here so I'm just gonna throw a few things out there and call it a night. Maybe I'll get some of my other writers to blog on here also to help me out.

JENESIS has been making moves as of late with plenty more to come in the future. Starting from October, Brian and I went down to South Beach in Miami, Florida for Business/relaxation work for the magazine. Turned out a pretty good time except for me getting drunk and losing my phone the very FIRST night we where there. But, we were taken care of the whole time. Kaaren let us come through the Versace Mansion and see what the people outside were going crazy for. Sam Hall of treated us to a free night of clubbin at Dream( check them out at . Shout to MIA Skateshop,, and for for letting us take photos and feature them in the Welcome to Miami section in the magazine.

Also in October we were featured on the "Taking Care of Business" radio show on WAMO. November was a busy month also. We had a successful launch party at Privilege in the Strip November 10th. Packed the place and made a nice run for the party of the year in Pittsburgh. The launch party also set us up for the feature on Channel 11 anchor Darieth Chisolm's show "Impact" in which we were interviewed about JENESIS. Only if you were a old ass person or watched it when we told people to watch it you got to see a glimpse of Brian and I.

Well I think this is enough for now I don't like talking to much and I already went over my limit for today. Flipside