Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Call Me Stupid

It's been a while.

Since the last blog, We were planning for the One Year Anniversary party.

First off, the party was exciting. Even though we didn't get the bigger sponsor like we wanted to, Absolute Vodka sponsored our first hour of the party with a free drink for attendees. We personally got a free bottle and let's just say we gracefully dealt with that bottle quickly. Everyone came through dressed correctly in their best black white/red attire. DJ E-V from Cleveland played excellent music and didn't play the same song twice and none of that retarded three words per bar rap such as Rocko (I really hate dude).

I think a lot of people got scared away from our April fools joke as we said we were quitting. Believe me we will never do that stuff again lol. People were killing Brian's make believe cell phone like we really quit. And when we put the real issue up I think people thought we were lying lol. Either or we will be coming strong for the summer. We got an all artist issue coming June and and international issue coming July. And we will finish up the summer with an All Women's Issue.

Pittsburgh has been surprisingly fun though as of late. Pharrell came, Lupe came, our party was dope, Fab 5 had Sneaker Me Stupid @ The Southside Fountain Room, The Roots came and performed for free at Carnegie Mellon U., and Devin Thomas danced with his first female at our party. God is good.

Got a campaign coming up though and you shall be first to view it. Check below and if your cool you can ask for this and I'll send it to you to post to your friends and stuff. Other than that tomorrow/today is voting day. Brian has been mad active in telling who he wants to vote for. I'ma go for Obama. But instead of telling you the real reasons, I'm just gonna say cause he is black, he played basketball, his wife is alright looking, and he's not Hilary. (ok I hope you didn't believe that)

Peace out