Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yeah quick blog I know but it's more of a what's coming up.

If you haven't heard, been attacked by us on Myspace, Facebook , or email, JENESIS was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the past Sunday. It was an article about urban magazines and Brian completed it with Sharon Eberson. Its called "Urban Magazines give voice to African American culture" and the link is here

Also coming up is the "Ed Hardy: Love Kills Slowly" Event being held February 16th at the Southside Fountain Room 9-2. It will be hosted by Darrelle Revis of the NY Jets and some of his teammates. Expect a big crowd. There will be Ed Hardy clothing giveaways from Southern Royalty and Najeh Davenport. Expected guest will be Wiz Khalifa, S. Money, Boaz, Monty 'Meza' Clay, Model Joanna Shari and many more! Fab 5 is working to put together another dope party for the masses so come out and enjoy yourself.

And of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut but JENESIS may be planning another party for um let's say JENESIS' 1 Year Anniversary. Details to come soon if we gonna get things together or not.


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