Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10,000 Hits on JENESIS For the month

This month we have finally gotten over the single thousandths hump for the month and into the ten thousandths mark! This may not mean anything to anyone else but me an a couple other people but it is really remarkable. I am happy but that doesn't mean I'm content with the mark we have made. I want more of course and will get more. But this is a good feeling. I could remember when our first issue came out and just getting 100-300 hits was crazy because we barely promoted except to the people we knew and on Facebook and Myspace. Now without even having to remind people, we have viewers checking out the new info and new issue daily. That's just more motivation to make bigger moves and do bigger things for the magazine and our readers. Thanks you all for sticking around.


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Jamar said...

Damn...that's what's up bro.