Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nice end to a Nice Summer

Hey there folks I'm back.

Not sure who has been paying attention or reading but JENESIS has been doing its thing. If you live in a box we have been putting up some work. We finally dropped the Women's Issue on the site. If I may say so myself it's a great issue with some inspirational women.

Second we dropped the small issue on the 15 Mins of Fame winner, Melanie Wilmot. She was owed it and knocked it out the park. Jordan does his best work continually all the time. JENESIS is blessed to have such a good photographer.

Speaking of JORDAN, He will be doing his much looked for September photography issue again and it should be up by Sept 1st or 4th, however we get the greatness together.

Fab 5 Ent is having their 4th and Final Pittsburgh Anniversary event over the Labor Day weekend. It should be a good one. I've known those gentlemen for about 4 years and they continually made great events for these young college adults to attend and enjoy there selves. Personally meeting Barry at school, I'm glad they have been successful.

D. Warren is going to soon be dropping his women's clothing line Mary Lou. The time is to be determined but when it will know. We are doing our best to help him out in anyway he needs it.

Ideal PR is making me work day and night haha. They have been a vital help to us.

But to be more frank, we need more readership. But our young guy Quentin is going to revitalize our street team and have the campuses aware of JENESIS again. Keep it locked with the best and we will keep giving you the best.


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Noetik said...

Word Up! You guys & Fab 5 Ent. Keep the Pittsburgh Urban scene alive for sure..without you guys I wouldn't know what was next in the burgh a place I been for like 10+ years since I moved here from Jersey.

Peace, Bless & Stay Up!

Noetik 5000!